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About Our Farm

Welcome to Kolob Hills

Here at Kolob Hills Farm we believe in God, hard work, and family.  We sold our home in Utah in May of 2018 and moved to California while looking for our forever home. We found our way here to the hills of middle Tennessee in February of 2019 to live out our dreams of owning a small farm, learning to become more self sufficient, producing as much of our own food as we can, and using natural products where possible. 

   We have been planning this day for years and dove right into the homesteading life by buying a small herd of Irish Dexter cows, a milk cow, kunekune/AGH pigs, Nigerian dwarf goats, chickens, a large garden, and honeybees within the first few months of being here!!! Yes, we may be a little crazy! But we wanted to finally get to work!

  Come with us as we learn about life on a farm and all the successes and challenges that come with it!

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