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Meat and Laying Chickens

Chickens are something that we have had at our home for years. When we moved I think I had chicks ordered to be delivered about a week after we arrived. Ha ha! I couldn't wait to get started with farm fresh eggs again! We have a mixed flock of heavy bodied Plymouth Barred Rocks, Ameraucanas, as well as a smattering of other breeds. :) We run four roosters with the girls and they do an amazing job protecting and caring for their charges. It is really fun to watch.

The cute little dude holding Midas, one of our roosters, is the one that helds care for the chickens. He also sells fresh eggs for eating and hatching. Check out our online store to order for local pickup. All money goes straight to him for his hard work!

What is new is that we delved into the world or raising our own cornish cross chicks for meat. We have chosen a bit slower method to raise them. They are integrated into our main flock after a few weeks in the brooder. They are then free to roam the pastures and eat all the fresh grass and bugs they want. They do still need commercial feed because of their freakishly fast growth. But we have chosen to allow as much of a natural existence as possible. The birds that we have harvested have been large, healthy, and has that beautiful, tasty, yellow fat from pasture raising. We have another batch ordered already for a fall harvest.

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