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Experienced Does

Sugarcreek Haven Peridot

Last year Peridot kidded all by herself with a BIG single doeling. As a first freshener she gave about 2.5c on once a day milking without us doing much of anything. 

She is chocolate with blue eyes and one large moonspot on her shoulder. Her udder is PERFECT for hand milking. Soft and supple with longer teats and large orifices. She milked out easy and in no time at all. 

This will be her second kidding and we are hoping for more does from her this year. She is due on Valentine's day and is scheduled to be the first kidding of the year, if all goes to plan, which it NEVER does!


We retained her daughter Citrine (pictured) and look forward to seeing how she performs when she freshens is March as well. 

Peridot has great potential and I look forward to seeing how she preforms on her second kidding. She is bred to Sugarcreek Haven Maserati B* (pictured). You can see his information on the Buck page.

Gypsy Moon Es Numi 2*M

Numi is our oldest and most productive doe. She is our herd queen and rules the pasture here. She consistently throws triplets and gave us two beautiful doelings and one buckling in her last kidding. We retained all of her kids. (Aspen, S'mores, and Ember)

On once a day milking she peaked at just over 5 cups with almost no effort on our part. She is easy to hand milk and has a very capacious udder. 

We have bred her to Sugarcreek Haven Martini B* (pictured) for late spring babies and are looking forward to this amazing pairing.