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Our Bucks

Sugarcreek Haven Maserati B*

Maserati joined our farm as a bottle baby purchased from Sugarcreek Haven. His mother Matilde was a first time freshener that ended up easily earning her milk star in her first lactation! This means that Maserati is officially a B* buck.

We have bred him with about half of  our does this year in hopes that he will pass on his superior milking genetics to his offspring. 

He is growing and seems to have a more dairy form, complete with the lovely loose "dairy" skin! Covered in moonspots we are hoping for some beautiful kids this spring

We will have kids from this flashy guy starting in mid February 2021.

He is bred to:






Star Triple B's Mr. Cash B*

Mr. Cash is a beauty! He has gorgeous coloration,  moonspots, and blue eyes. He also has the milk genetics to back up his good looks. He is a B* buck and should throw some great milk into our herd in the coming years. 

He is developing nicely and is looking to be the largest of our three new bucks.

We bred a few of our girls to him as well including:





Kolob  Hills Ember

Ember is our buck retained out of Numi who gave 5c. at morning milkings alone for us this year. She has amazing milking genetics and this guy is turning out to be a real looker. Black with blue eyes and a small moonspot or two he is just gorgeous.

We bred him to only one doe this year so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the late Feb due date.

He is bred to Cinnamon

Reference Bucks

Sugarcreek Haven Kokumaro D2067923

SOLD- Reference

Born 2/16/2019

Chamoise with white, moonspots,

blue eyes, disbudded (scurs)

Dam: Sugarcreek Haven Cocoa 

Sire: Cedar View Cassanova *B

Kokumaro has served us well here. He bred three does for us last year and sired a total of 6 kids. FIVE doelings and one buckling. The majority of the kids showed moonspotting, all were horned, and have blue eyes. 

We are bringing new blood to the farm and need to find him greener pastures. 

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