First Fresheners

Kolob Hills Citrine

Citrine is one of our babies that we retained this year. Her momma is Peridot who you can see more about on the "experienced does" page. 

She was a singleton and has grown out so well! She is one of our larger framed doelings and has great structure. Blue eyed, with chocolate points and minimal moon spotting she has the potential to throw some gorgeous kids!

She is bred to Mr. Cash B* for a late February to mid March kidding. I am really excited for this pairing! They should have some gorgeous "milky" kids!

Bluestocking GE    Clarice

She is from a new bloodline for our herd and we are excited to see how she does here. She is from a farm that shows and participates in DHIR and LA. She came here with her friend Francine and share the same sire, and their mothers are littermates.

Clarice is long bodied and had great structure.  She is a brown eyed chamoisee and has very feminine structure. She is bred to Maserati B* for a late February kidding, and is maturing well. She is a sweetheart of a doe and we cant wait to see her babies!

Kolob Hills Cinnamon

Cinnamon is out of one of our sweetest does, Nutmeg (pictured). She and her sister Pepper were the very first goats born on our farm. We retained Cinnamon to see how she and her kids perform on the milk stand. 

She is a gorgeous flashy light chamoisee with blue eyes, and moon spots. She is an absolute sweetheart and likes attention. She is deep bodied and has a nice wide stance. 

She is bred to Ember for kids arriving mid February. Embers dam Numi is our top milker and we are betting he throws that to his kids as well. 

Sugarcreek Haven Passion

Passion, or as we call her Mara, is the sweetest goat I have ever met! She loves to go on rides in the car, and was constantly escaping the pasture to try and be with us. 

Luckily for us she finally got too be to slip out of the gate, and decided it was ok to be a goat. 

She is a beautiful blue eyed cream puff with promising conformation, and great milking genetics behind her. 

She is bred to our B* buck Maserati who also has stellar milking genetics. I am hoping for a keeper doeling out of this girl! She is due near the end of February.

Bluestocking  HD Francine

Francine came to our farm with her "sister" Clarice. She is the smallest of the first fresheners, but I see some good potential in her. 

She is due the first part of march and is bred to our B* buck Mr. Cash. They have the potential for very flashy kids!

I am looking forward to seeing how she preforms on the milk stand as a first freshener.

Kolob Hills Aspen

Aspen is a beautiful mahogany chamoisee, with blue eyes, and tiiiiiny moonspots in a few places. Her momma is Numi and we retained both her brother and sister. All show great potential and we will make a decision upon freshening who will be the best fit here. 

Her dam milked just over 5c on once a day milking with little to no effort on our part. She is showing very similar body structure as her dam as well. 

She is bred to our B* buck Mr. Cash for a late April kidding and should produce colorful, blue eyed kids with very strong milking genetics. 

We can't wait to see how she matures!!

Kolob Hills S'mores

S'mores is the flashiest of her siblings and is slightly more feminine in shape than her sister Aspen. She also has blue eye, tiny moonspots, and is flashy to boot!

Her dam Numi produced just over 5c at her peak on once a day milking with very little to no effort on our part. 

S'mores is bred to our crazy moonspotted B* buck Maserati for late April babies. 

She is one that I have my eye on and hope to retain a doeling out of.