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Nigerian Dwarf Goats are the breed that we have chosen to have here at Kolob Hills. We love their small size, friendliness, colorful coats, and most of all thier DELICIOUS milk! We are keeping a small herd or ADGA registered goats to keep our family in milk and add into our handmade, small batch, goats milk soap. 

      We are dedicated to keeping healthy and happy goats. Meaning we test every year for diseases that can affect whole herds, deworm , keep hooves trimmed, feed high quality hay, pellets, pasture grass, and any supplements needed to keep them in top shape. We love them dearly and do our best to ensure they live healthy happy lives here with us. 

   To get fresh goats milk we need to breed our girls every year.  So we will have goat kids available for purchase in the spring to good homes that are willing to treat them with love and kindness. If you are interested in learning more about Nigerian dwarf goats check out the blog. If you would like to be placed on a free waiting list or have inquiries about any of our goats, reach out and I will do my best to answer your questions. 

     Enjoy the pictures of our herd!

We test yearly for CAE and Johne's and are sure each new addition is from a clean herd. We will begin testing for q-fever, listeriosis, and CL starting in 2021. We also plan to start milk testing and linear appraisals starting 2021.

All goats will be sold with ADGA papers, health records, tattooed ears, hooves trimmed, up to date on all worming and vaccination, and disbudded (if horned), unless going to a pet home. In that case no tattoos or ADGA paperwork will be available.


It will be your responsibility to wether any goats, after 12 weeks of age, that are leaving as wethers. It is in the best interest of the wether to wait until 12 weeks to neuter to prevent urinary calculi, which can be life threatening.

We choose to do a bloodless castration using a burdizzo tool. This results in less overall pain and recovery, as well as reduces the risk of complications due to bleeding or tetanus. That being said we cannot GUARANTEE that any wether castrated at the farm will be infertile when he leaves our farm. It will be the buyers responsibility to ensure that the testicular tissue is shrinking after the procedure as it can take a few weeks until results are clear. 

Each goat is dam raised, and interacted with multiple times a day to ensure the friendliest goats. I believe that dam raising gives them the best start in life. Doelings will not be available until between 10 and 12 weeks, and wethers/bucklings until 8 weeks.

  Please know so much time, care, and money go into raising healthy high quality goats. As such do not expect to buy a "cheap" goat from us. We price at fair market value for the genetics, and care put into each goat, wether raised for breeding or pets. 

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