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Bam Bam

Ginger, swallow belly, two waddles

Born: 4/5/2020


AKKPS Pedigree:


Unregistered gilts

only meat pigs available from these girls

Lil' Momma came to us from another farm where she successfully farrowed 10 piglets. She is a kune kune, AGH cross and we are hoping for piglets from her early next year.

The two other black gilts (Camilla and her sister) are also AGH, kune kune crosses. We will breed them once and see how they do as mothers. We are also hoping for piglets from them in the early part of next year. 

Pebbles is a black and white registered kune kune. As of now she will not be bred and will wait until we have an unrelated boar, or be used as a meat pig depending on her growth in the next 8 months. 

Two orange and black barrows will also be used to feed our family. 


Lil' Momma


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