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What is Rooter APK?

Rooter live streaming app has a standard version which is available everywhere on the internet. This version of the rooter app is free which means you can download this rooter coin generator there are no charges in it. Features are quite unique which you will get in this basic version and the best thing about this basic version is that all features are free to use.

You can use the entire application for free because the rooter app gives you everything for free. You can also make real money in this version which is surely a great feature.

What is Rooter Mod APK?

Rooter live streaming also comes in the mod version and this version is different from the standard version because it has some interesting features which you will only rooter coin adder script . While streaming online in this version you will never see ads because the mod version is completely free from ads.

No popup and videos ads to disturb you in this version which means you can stream live without any problem. In the regular version of the rooter app, you have to earn coins while streaming online but in the mod version you don’t need to do that because mod gives you unlimited coins.


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