Our Herd

Our herd consists of our Matriarch, Poppy, her daughter Dandy, and granddaughter Honey.  Poppy is a half Guernsey half Jersey cow who is coming up on 4 years old. 

Daughter Dandelion, who is 3/4 jersey and just as sweet as can be.

And little Honeysuckle who is the daughter of Dandelion and a mini jersey bull Brach. She is short and sassy and we just love her to pieces. 

All our dairy girls are a2/a2 by testing or parentage, as is our Jersey bull Sven. 

Currently we also have a small herd of Dexter cattle consisting of Miss K, Splash, Long legs, and Quinn. Along with our tiny dun colored bull Chunky, and our steers Wellington, Chuck, and Tom.